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Freitag, 26. Juli 2013

- os2 -

the history of a tragedy in blue. big balls over shit of DOS stops, only trouble came sad since try buy. no sure, black market free copys were around /2. how the presentation manager was a milestone, with a script face interrupted since. that's really such a shit bug. why nobody took by?! cheap dollar by big uncle from a rupt bank. no any ever made it such a clear type, and what an UI shall give by user's mobiles. or is finger tips, toed by mouse'o'red button press hit. even linux, equipped with the right interface (assumed by *DE with a fair wall of functions building shell-by) still misses some minor ideas from the REXX/Batch-line. and once there was a virtual filesystem, beyond HPFS, partly but hardly in concurrency to the ext*. as far remembered the driver api was much more delighted in terms of engineering, however. some would mind to say OS/2 was the first win-emulator of all. but it had it included, on top the one of a DOS-VM. and that's a true fact!

Mittwoch, 27. Februar 2013

Multi Win Deaf

The understanding Microsoft's operating shit demonstrates of the term multi-user system goes like this: a multiple choice of users from outside must be allowed to run programs on your personal computer in administration mode. From any point of the world, as experts say: remotely. Of course all this shall happen silently. The functionality created shows to be unable sending notifications to the computer's owner. Unwanted anyway, since sending to the "software" company's servers consumes too much traffic, so that more messages in between threads would statically cause the blue screen. However will 'new' versions of the sys-play abuse, one each year, hardly do result any different than it's users just annoyed of commands from the box and not vice versa.

Mittwoch, 23. Januar 2013

Script Kiddings

Programming Languages and the Childhood Operation. - Java: All my little ducklys, for Donald and the trick ticked crack. The Old-modern programming language. Still incomplete, inline code expansion never adressed. For fantastic childrens programming output. - Logo: 4 3 years of age, into kindergarden. Good for primary school to have some fun. Combines art lessons e.g. - Modula-2: That's how learn 2. Never seen inside 'real world'. But the academic such resisted having modular mindlog mapped. Was all not that bad! - Pascal: Similar. Delphi still in legacy well known. For restrictions to app framing also. - C/C++: Classic plus the highlevel lang assembler. Systems operated stable by. Apart, for application hardly. More useful for core close tool creation. - Prolog: Japanese built hardware upon too early maybe. And then even the hard and most sophisticated programmers produce red cuts like a nut butt. Logic conclusions expressed, on a backtracking path trawl, use cases were found only for 'academic' problems. - Perl: Try 12 year old teenagers. Full of mind traps at the admin's front. - Lisp, Erlang: Well! Reverse polishs noted the mess of paranthesis. That especially studied mathemagicians like the Erlang story so much, remains the possibility of their inability regarding lang compiling. - XSL, XPath, XQuery: Remember maths set theory. Whatever had been set as true or data valid, needs to be read later on. - SQL: Never forget. It's applied mathematics. Relations are the...

Mittwoch, 9. Januar 2013

N.l.p. App Base

Überlegungen zur modernen Softwaretränke. Thema Facebook. Ist die n.l.p.-by-spam Applikation schlechthin, erste der Art. 0-te ist Email. Keine klassische n.l.p.-by-spam app. Der Bedarf an Apps den Facebook bedient ist der Gradmesser Nummer eins dafür, welchem Genre man die Internetplattform - man sagt auch neudeutsch social network - zuordnet. Haufenweise Spiele deren Nutzen blanke Unterhaltung ist. Birthday reminders obendrauf hört der Datenschutz auf, die schiere Masse lässt vermuten sogar Zuckerberg dort nicht mehr durchsieht. Er hätte vorher Bandler lesen sollen. Aber auch Newschannel gibt es bei Facebook. Reihenweise Seiten Prominenter, von Zeitungen, E-publish networks und alle Sorte von dergleichen.

Mittwoch, 5. Dezember 2012


Security-2 a) Linux: becomes something called the conquering train since establishment/roll-out/acc eptance of web driven/based applications, that appear on a largely scalable basis. b) Oh but restricting to the very core of optical user interfacing. c) The enemy for performance and componential connectivity: -) mix with full-purpose programming languages, JavaScript is one example for. Clear text. Since a lot of network applications, useable from inside a webbrowser, are around, the need for regular users, sick and pissed from Redmond "Operating Systems" with a black-hole entry for burglars to use the very, has sunken to zero. Well done Mr Torvalds, well done! We'll hail yours installations stable.

Mittwoch, 7. November 2012

Hyper Docked-Up

Recent experiments with HTML doc for offline storage produced a major nightmare to foreseen. 360K just the HTML page, which shall be hyper Text(!), markup and a language. Equals old 5.25" disks, always told to be around 200 pages filled typewriter scripting. Modern content management systems hereby make the content everything but maintainable, more a huge flood into network channels, bottle necks for any browser performance. Not exactly their programmers' faults. Spaghetticode in HTML Dokumenten erzeugt idR schwerfälligen Netztraffic und Overhead. Embedded Skripte und völlig vergessen erscheinen Ideen und Tage strukturierter Programmierung. As if the software crisis never happened.

Mittwoch, 24. Oktober 2012

Booting Sys-Like

OS ./. 2 some thoughts. it is a major gap around to close, between two terms growing into topic inside computer science. the talk is about the difference between an "Operating System" vs the notion of a "Disk Operating System". there should be a system stage number 1, comes number 2. see lin: today, 1st prog on store, is grub - the bootloader of choice. there must be some code hiding taken from MS/DOS. the problem of initializing a harddisk for example starts with the BIOS not being aware, or knowing anything about, the particular filesystem used for the system's partition. $ Weird!

Mittwoch, 17. Oktober 2012

Kraut And Rubriques

App[s] ./. Ht-EJB The problem frame of Application Servers or application servicing is around for more than a decade. A real solving machine has not been seen since. Besides a clean definition of the term technology applying ideas for real sake has a differnt scope. Modern EJB containers are more kind of function servers. Webservers and others come by, giving a hint that "real" application servers would make use of all those concepts, orchestrating into yet unexisting servers, deserving name; as providing full-fledged applications we are used to. But in the future. Reasoning: An application is something really out there to use, to work with. Just doesn't it necessarily imply like a programmer. Poor them then.

Mittwoch, 3. Oktober 2012

Win Joke

OSW ./. DAU-UI The evolution of the so called computer operating system Windows carries a remarkeable weirdness. Back in the years nineties it happened MS introduced their big marketing joke called $-95. Nothing to mention really was new about, except for the hiding and automation of the autoexec.bat run, starting first DOS, with the graphical user interface to follow immediately. Recent versions seem to have thrown away the major batch completely. Whatever shall be inside must be hardcoded, disabling the user to adjust the system startup to his own needs. In fact this makes W7 and others technologically backwards oriented. No other company would get through with this. Besides being a trojan horse (Windows), it is more an application framework for graphical user interfaces, with a bit of pseudo multi threading, than an operating system. A bad one. If not the very worst. Imagine a car. Renewing tires is fine, changing brakes, and so on. But every one thousand miles?! The big invention of Bill Gates, to be as kind to give him honour still because deserving, is the shift of philosophy on the MacOS, once they took UNIX for base. It's his secret only, why he didn't take 'his' DOS and make a modern variant. Like OS/2. The idea of a disk operating system in contrast to operating systems gets born into light of the day again on modern Linux setups. However Gates can be subject of critics, he showed up to be a genious. And then it shall not be forgotton how MSDOS made him a...

Samstag, 15. September 2012

X Cube

Markup ./. Trees Fahr rad for more progress. - XSL/XPath, XQuery. studys raised. - the three in one after mistaken trys. - versionalitys. - tools, implementations, packages and so on. - Databases but the quest of elegancy, in application, programming, or which output ever. - Are information, aspects. Retrieval and stuff. - the lenguas 3ow: bash, perl, xsl. - java, 2 boring actually. preprocessor missing still. waiting vor Java V1 to come one day! - comma's separated. valueable staple jobbing cards enabled. whoo! early working on. - next cyc, chaos out of order. Dev is hardly.

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Gemacker am Ausklang
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Politisches Tagebuch...
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Parteienmagie; System anwendbarer Schematik politischer Scheinsachlichkeit und -verhalte, für Staatsanbauten und angehendes. Namen musterhaft gewählt: 1. Das Volk -...
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